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After 3 nights at Amanzoe and 4 at Amanruya last May, I know what it feels like to eare stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’m telling ya, you’re lucky that it was me doing this and not you, as it pushed me to my limits.


Getting there:

If you’re a mere mortal that has to travel with other people on the plane, then to get into Amanzoe will take you via Athens. If you do have a private jet, I’ve always wanted to try it out, so any chance of a free trip? From Athens you’re looking at a 40 minute helicopter or 2.5 hour car journey to Amanzoe. You can use Aman, who know a thing or two about charging more than the GDP of the country they’re in for transfers, or you can contact any other company on earth for a better deal.  Rumour has it that you can get a cheap-as-chips deal from some Somalian pirates.

View from helicopter of Amanzoe

On the other hand, if you land at Bodrum then you’re only 30 minutes free drive away from Amanruya. This is of course providing they pick you up when they say they will. Which they didn’t. Details, details, who needs’em? Oh, and don’t forget your Priority Pass – even if you’re flying BA Business Class, you cannot get lounge access, so will suffer the indignity of being mistaken for someone who flies economy. The shame.

Winner: Amanruya.


Amanzoe brings out the survivalist in you. With the beach over 6km from your room, you may need to take some camping equipment with you in case you get lost during your trek. Alternatively they will drive you down for free, but when you’re already that relaxed, do you really want to remove the possibility of being mauled by a local dog? Didn’t think so – you’re better than that.

Set on top of a hill, surrounded by beautiful Greek countryside and views of the ocean, Amanzoe really cannot be faulted. Well, right up until you find yourself on their so-called beach. I wouldn’t visit anywhere in Europe just for the beach, but Amanzoe’s Beach Club is so impressive that it’s a shame not to spend at least some time down there.

Providing you don’t capsize and need to get rescued

Amanruya only makes you walk 5-10 minutes to their beach, so we’re gradually improving in the laziness factor that I use to rank every activity I do. If the total energy used exceeds the pleasure in return then I just can’t do it. It’s why I’m glad I never visit any areas where there might be bears, as I’d just have to stand still and accept my fate. I can’t be expected to put that much energy into escaping only to lose, surely?  Nothing is worth trying that hard for.

Amanruya’s architecture insisted on no signs, with supposedly a battle similar to the ending of Transformers just to get the Beach Club sign put up.  As well as ensuring that none of the trees were destroyed.  So it’s no wonder it feels like the end of The Shining when you get around, blood flowing out of the elevators and all.

Amanruya: not the best advert for a European beach

Winner: Amanruya


Amanzoe clearly decided that having a budget was a nuisance so scraped it early on. The entire resort is beyond anything I’ve ever seen before, with the architecture so impressive that it really does resemble how you think of ancient Greece, just perhaps they weren’t fortunate enough to have a Watsu pool.  The rooms are ridiculous, that really is the only way to describe them.  Well, it is for me as English was never my strong suit.  Excluding the villas, your only choice is a pavillion with either a 6ft pool or a 12ft pool.  Such decisions may keep you awake at night.

Amazoe private pool and patio

Amanruya’s rooms are all near identical, all contain pools, all contain huge terraces and large indoor living rooms, yet distinguish themselves by the view they offer you. If you’re like me and have no appreciation for anything more than 5 seconds, you’re better off with the cheapest room.

Amanruya private pool

Winner: Amanzoe


3 pools, amazing food, 3 restaurants, 5 pools and something that could semi be described as a beach, Amanzoe once again has no competition.  Both resorts would benefit from actually having sand, so I didn’t have to walk around wearing my 16th century plate armour that I like to take abroad.  You can never be too sure.

Amanzoe main pool

Winner: Amanzoe


French Toast with Olives.  Olives!  There’s nothing else to say about this.

Don’t do it!

Winner: Amanzoe


The service at both resorts was of a very high standard, although not the best that we have ever experienced at Amanzoe, which was perhaps due to them being at full occupancy during our stay.  Amanruya did not offer as friendly a service, but overall they went above and beyond what I would have expected, with a truly impressive desire to satisfy.  As one example, my stay notes mention how I cannot sleep well without blackout blinds and they installed some specifically for our room.

Winner: Tie


This is barely even worth a mention.  Amanzoe’s 25,000 sqft spa looks at Amanruya’s 2 microscopic spa rooms and laughs uncontrollably, yet in a relaxing, serene way, of course.  Throw in a Yoga studio, steam rooms within private suites, jet-powered baths and Watsu pools and Amanzoe is hard to beat anywhere in the world.

Amanzoe Yoga

Watsu at Amanzoe

Winner: Amanzoe


Why would you even consider leaving Amanzoe. I have no idea what activities Amanzoe offers, as even after 4 visits I’ve still not done any of them.

Winner:  Tie


Well, that wasn’t very tough to work out, was it?  Let me just do some simple arethmatic here, without forgetting to carry the 1 like I always do.  Oh, looks like Amanzoe wins.

Amanzoe sunset

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