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We would be delighted to plan your dream holiday. Every journey is tailored precisely to our clients’ requirements, but prices typically start from $2,500 per person per day, with total trip costs starting from about $50,000. On average, Dorsia Travel holidays come in at around $125,000.

We don’t charge any additional fees, ensuring you get the best rates for your entire journey. Essentially, our service comes at no cost to you.

“When booking international travel, Dorsia Travel is second to none in their evaluation and execution in travel planning”

– Professional sports owner, USA



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We Get You

Dorsia Travel’s founders Tom and Lucie have always invested in the highest level of hospitality for their own holidays. As members of the same privileged communities they serve, they know what it takes to deliver extraordinary experiences.

Connections Count

On the road constantly and with long-standing connections to key players in the luxury-travel industry, Dorsia Travel is always up to speed on the best places to go – and the agency’s clients are always assured the warmest of VIP welcomes.

Hands-on and Honest

Your time away is precious. Dorsia Travel delivers expert recommendations and guidance with unwavering honesty so you can enjoy the best experience with your friends and family, and you can count on 24-hour support every step of the way.

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