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Once our Artificial Intelligence overlords take over, I hope they’re kind enough to enslave me and force me to work in a safari camp. A dream come true, just as long as it’s in one of the exclusive use camps that I’m so fond of.  Just imagine, a future where I don’t need to write this blog and you don’t have to pretend to read it.  Just hours of watching wildlife in its rawest form, with the occasional fight to the death.  Admittedly, it would then mean tolerating customers like me, but by then maybe my kinda people would all be robot fodder.  Anyway, I digress.

My point is: exclusive use properties are great.  Focus, Tom, focus.

So what better way to highlight them, then feature them come up with an itinerary that’s now featured in Elite Traveler?  Your silence says it all – it truly cannot be topped.  One of the key aspects of Dorsia Travel is to bespoke the journeys for our clients.  Nothing out of a box; always bespoke to their exact needs.  However, now and again you need some inspiration to start that process.  As much as customising the shit out of everything is great, sometimes it’s nice to put together ideas that form a framework before you start that shitting/customisation process.

That’s why, as featured in Elite Traveler, we wanted to feature this experience that brings you face-to-face with nature, whilst ensuring it heavily contributes to vital conservation work.  And, because it’s coming from me, yes, I had to zero in on those extraordinary, exclusive-use retreats. After all, I’ve yet to encounter an exclusive-use property that hasn’t impressed me, with many ranking among my all-time favorite places in the world.

Ol Jogi, Kenya

It all starts with five nights at Kenya’s Ol Jogi, an 11-bedroom estate on a private 58,000-acre conservancy. There are hidden doors, secret tunnels and even a real bank vault on site – all of which sounds like a Bond villains lair, but the owners here do real good. Among other measures, they fund a world-leading veterinary clinic; finance sustainability initiatives at neighbouring conservancies, and fund locals’ schooling.  

They offer some incredibly unique opportunities here, including camel rides, encounters with baboons, milking a goat, feeding elephants or petting their resident rhino.  Helicopter tours over Mount Kenya and nearby lakes are just a few of the extra activities.  

Ol Jogi is absolutely bonkers.  You are here for the safari experience, but it’s much more than a safari lodge.  It’s an art gallery, a conservation project, a wildlife sanctuary, a midlife crisis that never ended.  Imagine Cinderella’s Castle with Gene Simmons in charge.  The property is astonishing, and it’s hard to describe how over the top it is, which is almost reason enough to stay. However, what truly distinguishes Ol Jogi and secures its spot on this list is the unique interaction it offers with nature.

My Dad – seen here putting a rhino to sleep with his stories

Singita Kataza House, Rwanda

From there, a private charter to Rwanda allows for a four-night stay at the four-bed Singita Kataza House and the opportunity to interact as a private group with gorillas in the wild. This is one of the most profound interactions with the natural world it’s possible to have, and Rwanda’s efforts to harness visitors’ dollars to protect these majestic animals is a powerful example of how responsible travel can be a force for good.  

Thanda Island, Tanzania

After additional days hiking and admiring playful golden monkeys, there’s time to decompress during a five-night stay at Tanzania’s paradise Thanda Island. This idyllic nine-bed retreat is surrounded by the serene Shungimbili Island Marine Reserve. Alongside supporting coral reef-restoration projects and potentially observing nesting turtles, stays here provide the possibility of swimming in the Indian Ocean’s warm waters with majestic whale sharks. 

This is one of a range of exclusive experiences and itineraries that Dorsia Travel is launching, with more to be revealed.

Dorsia Travel’s Helping Hands Land and Sea Safari starts from $650,000 for 8 people

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