The Brief

To celebrate his 50th, our client wanted to treat his friends to an unforgettable holiday in the British Virgin Islands. Our task was to wow them with the most exceptional property and to deliver an itinerary with the perfect balance between uplifting and fun things to do, exciting entertainment and relaxing downtime – not to mention a showstopper fiesta finale to properly mark that milestone birthday.

The Journey

  • Our private villa

    Working with our partners in the British Virgin Islands, we secured access to one of the most exclusive and elegant properties in the region. Fully staffed by a discreet team who are accustomed to the needs of VIPs and the world’s biggest celebrities, it features beautiful resort-standard amenities and a stellar ocean-view setting enfolded by lush greenery.

  • Our guests didn’t need to consider anything when they arrived at the property. We had already stocked it with all their favourite food and drink, and arranged daily activities that ranged from yacht trips to DJ sets to golfing excursions. A private fitness instructor and team of masseuses were also on standby so non-stop spa treatments and post-party personal training sessions were always available.

    Of course, the birthday day itself was particularly special. After enjoying an intimate beachside feast and live entertainment, our party toasted this very special occasion under the sparkle of a dazzling fireworks display.