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2019 – the year I avoid iguanas at all cost

If I’ve learnt anything this year, it’s that spending more time in airline lounges than my house is probably not a conductive way to live.  At the least, it’s highly unproductive – I just cannot imagine Beethoven writing a symphony or Isaac Newton cracking gravity in the arrivals lounge at Kilimanjaro.   Get that worlds’ smallest violin at the ready, as I am knackered.

2019 is currently rather open, with only scribbled notes on the back of airline branded napkins on where we’re heading.  This time last year, I had already booked the first 6 months, yet old habits die hard.  As I write this, within the next 3 weeks we may be either traveling to India, the Caribbean or the Middle East.  I might just quit traveling entirely and become an activist without a sane cause: my first one will be to bring back the Yellow Pages.  The only thing for certain is that I will avoid spending a single minute in mainland Europe during July and August – what a mistake that was.  Instead we’ll visit around May, June and then later in September, once the crowds begin to disperse, the temperature drops and the service goes back to normal.  Ok, you got me, it’s cheaper too.

So, in no particular order, here is the plan for the first half of the year.

3 weeks in India

The year is 2015, the location is India, the hero is me.  It’s a beautiful story, but I won’t bore you with how I’m there living it up, getting smashed outta my face on peace and love.  Yet the Aman’s (and Lodhi, which used to be an Aman) that I stayed in only cover a small part of the majestical India, so it feels a good time to go back and explore.  By explore, I mean stay in luxury hotels for 3 weeks and occasionally check the Internet for facts.  This is what we’re planning to pack in: Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Sujan Jawai, Taj Lake Palace, Rambagh Palace, Oberoi Vanyavilas, Oberoi Amarvilas, The Lodhi, Nadesar Palace.  Now go back and say all of that again, without taking a breath.

10 days in Mexico

Quite possibly a Rosewood binge here: Mayakoba, Las Ventanas al Paraíso and Puebla.

3 weeks in the Caribbean

I have never been to the Caribbean.  I have never wanted to go to the Caribbean.  Every well traveled individual I come across tells me not to go.  But that bloody Necker Island is standing over me, flexing its muscle and mocking my masculinity.  Yes, that Necker Island, the one the BBC did a documentary that made it look like a brothel.  It is the only remaining high-end, luxury private island resort I’ve yet to visit.  When in Rome, may as well also visit Petit St. Vincent, Silversands Grenada, Jumby Bay, Necker Island, Amanera, Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France, Le Toiny.  Then finish up in Four Seasons Surfside, Miami.

10 days in Sri Lanka

Beaches, culture and some leopards.  The perfect plot for a B-horror movie, or our trip to Sri Lanka?  We will see what Ani Villas is up to in this part of the world, then go take a good ol’ look at Resplendent Ceylon’s Tea Trails and their Wild Coast Tented Lodge.

2 weeks in Oman and United Arab Emirates

We’ll stop by the Chedi, but not through a large desire, simply because it’s on the way to Alila – the real reason we’re here.  I’ve been to UAE multiple times, but I can barely blink and suddenly they’ve opened a new hotel.  This time it’s a Bulgari and Oberoi.  Feedback on Al Maha and the Four Seasons al Jumeirah is always positive too, which means I have no choice but to go.  Absolutely none.

A month in Europe

This will take us around France, Germany, Ireland, Iceland and Portugal.  We’ll probably need to go home for a few days, as I doubt Lucie will want to carry her wedding dress around with her for a month.  Then it’s off to Switzerland to actually get married.

The Honeymoon

4 nights in Park Hotel Vitznau will bring to an end having to put myself down as Single on all those immigration forms.  So best put it to use, as we head to Laucala.  The challenge is, we have no idea what to do before or after.  It’s far harder to plan your own honeymoon than someone else’s.  The best I have is to head into Tokyo and then come back via god knows where.  Maybe LA, maybe Sydney, maybe even Seoul.  Stay tuned.  Or tell me the answer.  Please?

What does that leave?

There are always the new openings, but there’s also a lot of countries still to visit, notably Antarctica or Central America.  I would like to return to Canada to experience another wilderness lodge, just ideally one more luxurious than Clayoquot, and one that has wildlife – possibly Nimmo Bay.  Seeing a polar bear go on a murdering rampage seemed a decent endeavour, until I found out that the only luxury lodge – Churchill Wild – requires a minimum 7 nights stay.  God created the entire universe in that time, which proves it’s a really long time.  No way can I stay in a non-luxury hotel that long.

I wouldn’t mind spending some more time in the States, going back to Russia, probe Italy and drop by Mnemba Island.  And then there’s a safari.  It’s impossible not to go on at least one.  As Einstein once said: “he who doesn’t safari, is a bit of a knob.”

Where are you heading this year?  

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