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Dorsia Travel is Lucie and Tom.


Lucie has worked in some of London’s finest luxury properties and graduated in hospitality management. Front-office management roles gave her invaluable insight into customer service and the demands of an upmarket clientele.  

The upshot is a true understanding of what it takes to deliver premium customer service. Like how to avoid bloopers when making reservations, requesting upgrades and allocating rooms. Lucie has insider tricks and hacks unknown to the average travel agent. 

Lucie’s world is travel, wining and dining, wellness and spa, sport and nature. Oh, and dedicating her life to her clients.


Tom is Mr Luxury Travel. He and Lucie spend over four months every year in five-star resorts worldwide and has a strong voice in the luxury-travel industry.

No luxury hotel opening slips through his fingers. And no other agent has Tom’s first-hand experience. He’s a highly-valued guest who personally meets senior management in each property, passing on constructive feedback and recording his trips on his luxury travel blog.

A tech guy at heart, Tom captures it all on camera. You can look through Tom’s lens throughout the site.

Lucie & Tom

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