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Spirit of Son Fuster



The lowdown

It appears that exclusive use properties often follow one of two paths for their website: 1) They enlist their cousin to design it, or 2) They believe no one can truly grasp their unique vision, leading them to create something that is as esoteric as it is nuts. Spirit of Son Fuster seems to have merged these two approaches, crafting a website that only the criminally insane would look at and say out loud, “I want to go there!”.

Instead, allow me to explain what is going on here.

Tucked into a valley at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca, Spirit of Son Fuster is more than just a fancy old farmhouse—it’s a 14th-century mansion with all the bells and whistles of a top-tier boutique hotel.  Think heated pool, cinema room for your movie marathons, spa to unwind after those marathons, and a helipad to erm escape from the spa?  Set on a whopping 40-hectare estate, just a leisurely 25-minute drive from Palma, this hideaway is the perfect spot to escape from that arrest warrant or just your email inbox.

While you’re living it up in what could be mistaken for a small village, you’ll enjoy the eclectic art and design pieces from the owner’s personal collection.


Rented exclusively, it can host up to 20 guests across ten en-suite bedrooms.

Why did it make the list?  

Mallorca is mostly where Brits go to start a fight with foreigners for having the audacity to be foreign.  I’m not sure if other cultures differ, but in mine, our idea of travel is to collectively head to countries and try a 21st-century version of colonising them by making them feel at home.  This is all my very polite way of saying that the places Brits decide to head are often turned into vomit-inducing cultures that support my own culture, which seems to be “beer good, smashing your face better”.  So what a treat to head somewhere and avoid all my fellow countrymen.  However, when you feel like mingling with the common folk, the beaches, restaurants, and famous sites of Mallorca are just a stone’s throw away, with the luxury of returning to what is essentially your private castle.  Hopefully, with a moat to keep all the people away that you just met.

What’s unique about it?

It’s on a black truffle estate, which I think means you are obligated to replicate Succession’s boar on the floor.

The property is breathtaking, seamlessly blending its original architecture with substantial modern updates. It places a strong emphasis on health, activities, and privacy, catering to those who value not seeing the hordes of Brits – which should be everyone with common sense.

Rates start from €12,000/n for up to 10 guests on an exclusive use basis

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Tom Cahalan

Written by Tom Cahalan on 24th Apr '24

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