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A hefty chunk of my day is spent researching hotels, which, after an exhaustive fifteen-year study funded by the United Nations, has surprisingly not been crowned the most gruelling task ever faced by humanity.  This deeply challenging investigative work takes place through interactions with sales representatives, enquiries from clients seeking new experiences, attending trade shows, or my personal curiosity. To showcase some of these discoveries, I’ve initiated a “Property of the Month” feature.  Each month, I’ll shine a light on a hotel, villa, exclusive-use property or private island – be it an old gem that’s gotten a facelift, a client’s latest obsession, or just a random discovery that made me go, “Interesting – that’s next weeks blog post sorted.”


Noam Bora Bora


Bora Bora, unsurprisingly. A mere 10-minute boat ride from Bora Bora Airport.

The lowdown

An ultra-luxurious, exclusive-use villa in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. The property, which can host up to 14 guests, is akin to a resort. It boasts one of the largest private aquariums in the world, both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and its own private spa.


6 suites and 1 ocean pavilion, ranging in size from 53 to 100 sqm.

Why did it make the list?  

Four Seasons Bora Bora is one of the most disappointing properties I’ve ever been to, and Hotel Bora Bora by Aman is long, long gone.  That means it’s The Brando or, if you happen to have $1m free, you can spend a week on the private island of the owner of Cirque du Soleil.  Noam Bora Bora offers some much needed choice.

What’s unique about it?

Along with the usual villa manager, chef, butler, concierge and housekeepers, you also get a marine biologist.  Handy, seeing that the property is surrounded by a lagoon, so someone can point out “that’s a fish” and you can be blown away by this incredible fact.

Noam Bora Bora is available on an exclusive use basis from €15,000 per night up to six guests

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Written by Tom Cahalan on 9th Feb '24

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