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Kileleoni Hill, the highest point in the Maasai Mara.  Kenya, if you want me to really abbreviate it.

The lowdown

Opening in July this year, Kipeleo is set to welcome up to ten guests with five bedrooms for an ultra-luxury safari experience. This place boasts a family room, a state-of-the-art gym, a library, expansive outdoor spaces, a wine cellar, and a well-stocked bar, all facing West for stunning Mara sunsets. Assuming we can believe the brochure, which we all know are legally binding, guests will enjoy an infinity pool perched over the edge for breathtaking views. Additionally, amenities include a hot tub, spa, and a dedicated team consisting of a chef, private guide, butler, and wellness expert.


5 bedrooms

Why did it make the list?  

As much as I dislike the Mara for the fact that crowd control looks very similar to the prison fight scene in Extraction 2 or that fight with elephants in Lord of the Rings, the game viewing is always incredible.  The luxury lodges – Mara Plains or Angama Mara – ain’t exactly Singita.  So then we advise people to go to Singita in Tanzania, but it’s a four hour journey away, even when you private charter, and the feeling of hassle kicks in.  An exclusive use, luxury villa opening in the Mara is like creating a shrine at the birthplace of the inventor of Haribo.  It’s necessary and long overdue.

What’s unique about it?

The owner wants it to be of the same quality as Arijiju.  If it’s half as good as I’ve hyped it up to be in my own mind, it will allow you to have an epic safari combo without needing to leave Kenya.  Combine it with Arijiju or Ol Jogi and your life quality will increase by 57%.  We are heading here in October and can’t wait.

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Written by Tom Cahalan on 11th Mar '24

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