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Bespoke Services

Your idea is just a seed. But we’ll nurture it, tease it out and make it a fully-fledged, full-bloomed reality. At Dorsia, bespoke is what we do. You’re different to every person on the planet. So your luxury-travel experience should be too.

Tailored Experiences

Our services, your satisfaction.

Long-term relationships are our thing. To achieve that, we’ll get to know your preferences, hobbies, travel experiences, family standards, cultural beliefs, and preferred ways of communication and travel. We’ll use the information to create a personal ‘stay list’ based around your personal tastes and favourite brands.

Being bespoke means we modify every trip you take, following up throughout, from first contact to final touchdown. We’ve personally inspected every venue and, before you arrive, we’ll contact them to ensure everything is picture-perfect.

It’s this personal relationship with each venue’s executive teams that sets up apart. That makes your experience uber-special.

Research comes as standard.


  • Special access to rooms at a sold out properties
  • Dedicated personal assistant

  • Ensuring VIP status

  • Day-to-day personalised itineraries, designed, not overplanned.

  • Local customs, weather and packing lists

  • Restaurant reservations, last-minute tickets, car transportation or rental, massage therapists, tour guides, personal chefs, babysitting services. We’re here to enhance the fun

  • Yacht charters

  • Villa rentals


From meeting and greeting to the final farewell, you’ll have your own designated point of contact. It’s these details that set us apart. And when we set ourselves apart, it means that you enjoy a travel experience like no other.

We simply want you to join us in the joy of travel.

We Can't Wait to Design Your Adventure