This is the most difficult blog entry I’ve ever had to write.  I wish I could write something humorous at this stage, but the response has been so overwhelming, and the stories you have shared with me have been deeply touching, that I am almost at a loss for words.  I was expecting the occasional fart joke thrown in along with a “please” somewhere, but your comments and emails have been anything but.

I even feel cruel in having to decide.  Currently sat in French Polynesia in the non-existent airport lounge, waiting to head to The Brando – this is not how I expected to be spending my day.  But it was worth it, as it revealed such a human side to the facetiousness of this blog, and I am somewhat proud that I am in such a fortunate position in life that I have been able to give someone something that truly means something to them beyond what I could hope.

It genuinely was an incredibly tough decision, as so many people have revealed things with a stranger that is heartwarming.  I honestly wish I could send many of you – just not you, who offered me female services in return for it; you know who you are.

I have been put into an almost impossible moral dilemma, which is difficult for someone with so few morals.  Yet I have contacted the person who I have decided to give it to, which is Gannon M, who is sending his parents.

I am highly likely to be similarly idiotic later in life and miss further hotel stay, so they’ll almost certainly be another opportunity.

I thank everyone for getting in touch and I hope no one is left disappointed by this.

Tom Cahalan

Written by Tom Cahalan

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