Luxury London Hotel Openings for 2023

I used to stay in London once a week – often at The Connaught.  Often for work, sometimes for pleasure.  The best of what England has to offer, all within walking distance.  The food, entertainment, people, parks, sports and shopping. Then kids came along. What was once reading magazines beside the pool, followed by a […]

Review: The Connaught, London

If you ever need to define first world problems, it’s laying in bed on a Saturday morning in The Mews, The Connaught’s townhouse-in-a-hotel suite, debating with your wife whether this £15,000/n room is better than The Apartment, The Connaught’s even more expensive, penthouse.  This stuff can end marriages. Subjectivity Every one of my stays is […]

Review: The Berkeley, London

Finished.  The finished article; nice guys finish last; I’ve finished, he’s finished, they’re Finnish.  What a word.  My background is in software development (sadly, staring at my screen all day and hoping words fall out of me and onto this blog is not how I pay the hotels), where nothing is ever finished and everything […]

What’s the best luxury hotel in London?

There are many things I define myself by.  Son, brother, husband-to-be, worlds most handsome man with a blog called The Good, The Bad and the Luxurious.  I also happen to have stayed in almost every luxury hotel in London.  Two things I get asked the most: Psycho Bob repeatedly asking where’s his money, and which luxury […]

Short review: Baglioni, London

The Baglioni Hotel, London Room type: De Vere Suite Duration: 12th > 13th January, 2018 Booked with: Dorsia Travel As part of my escapades into staying in all 22 AMEX FHR properties in London, I am now down to scraping the barrel. And it has shown, with numero 3 left on my list, The Baglioni. We stayed […]

Short review: Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park

Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park Room type: Mandarin Room Duration: 29th > 30th October, 2017 Booked with: Dorsia Travel I’m 30. I should have learnt by now to listen not only to others, but also myself. Maybe next year is my lucky year of self-improvement. For those after the quick summary, I would definitely wait until […]

The Lanesborough follow-up

The Lanesborough, London Room type: Junior Suite Duration: 28th > 29th July, 2017 Booked with: Direct with hotel Being a glutton for punishment, I decided to return to The Lanesborough, even after my rather disastarous stay back in April. To save you the hassle of reading it all, here’s where it ended 3 days after leaving the Managing […]

Amenities: The Beaumont vs The Bulgari

With The Connaught currently undergoing renovations, it has given me an opportunity to rediscover other London hotels.  This year I’ve now stayed 5 times in The Bulgari and once at Shangri-La, Four Seasons Ten Trinity, The Corinthia and on Thursday night at The Beaumont.  I’ve always mentioned the value that The Beaumont offers, yet if I do a […]

Review: Four Seasons, Ten Trinity

Four Seasons Ten Trinity, London Room type: Deluxe Room Duration: 26th > 27th January, 2017 Booked with: AMEX FHR Whilst I would never, ever, ever, not in a billion years, use hyperbole, I can easily say that Four Seasons Ten Trinity is the hotel opening for 2017 in London.  Even if we’re only in January, there is nothing else due to […]

Which room to stay in at The Connaught?

Having stayed in every different room type of The Connaught, over a period of 110 stays, I can speak with a certain authority on this hotel.  So let’s see what room works best for you. I am on a budget and enjoy rooms that are slightly smaller than wardrobes  You are spoilt for choice.  The Superior […]