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Probably best not to read this if you either hate London, Africa, or reading.

This coming weekend I’m heading down to London to take a look around the new Mandarin Oriental Mayfair.  Just a sneak peek – I’m not ready to stay there just yet, especially with how quiet they’ve been about launching.  It’s like the marketing department has a gag order.  But whilst I’m there, I may as well head over to Heathrow and fly to Johannesburg for the second time this year.  I’ll try out the relatively new Waterside by Royal Portfolio.  Then it’s a return visit to Singita Ebony to critique their latest facelift and see if the wild dogs are still keen on their wildlife decimation spree.  God I hope so.

Later next month, we’re off to the Seychelles—again. Last time I visited in early 2020, the world collectively shat its pants and decided to stage its own horror movie, complete with global lockdowns and, worst of all, hotel closures. If we only get a zombie invasion this time, I’ll consider it a win.  We’re going to once again attempt to go to Four Seasons Mahe, hoping this time it’s not a hosting a convention on highly contagious diseases.  We’ll also give the new Waldorf Astoria a go and check out the exclusive use La Cigale.  I was hoping to wait for the opening of Cheval Blanc Seychelles, but it’s been postponed so often, I suspect they mistakenly put the British government in charge of construction.  Fiji was another contender, but it’s 25 hours away, so that adventure is shelved until next year.

Then it’s back to London for a stay at Mandarin Oriental Mayfair and The Dorchester. At this point I will have reviewed all of London’s top new openings and major refurbs.  Just in time before a load more are set to open next year – although is anyone desperately awake at night, knowing their life is not fulfilled as they’ve not stayed in Six Senses London?

Lastly, I’ll then return to Miavana, this time taking my Dad.  We were meant to go in June but a typhoon decided to extensively redecorate the place.  Is that what they call foreshadowing?

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Tom Cahalan

Written by Tom Cahalan on 10th Jun '24

Dorsia Travel’s co-founder Tom Cahalan’s take on travel is reliably candid. Here’s his take on what’s good, bad, and luxurious.

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