Why Us


What should a five-star luxury travel experience look like? At Dorsia Travel, we know, because we’ve travelled the world in search of perfection. As a result you only ever enjoy a service that’s as pristine as the flour-soft sands of the Seychelles. It’s details that make the difference. So we listen, plan, discuss and deliver, then exceed expectations in every area.

It’s details that make the difference.

So we listen, plan, discuss and deliver, then look to exceed expectations in every area.

We’re with you before, during and after your trip, at your disposal for whatever you need. Communicate over phone, email, WhatsApp or however else you wish. We’re flexible and accessible 24/7.

Our business relationships with all our properties mean you’ll enjoy upgrades, breakfasts and late checkouts. We’ll use our local knowledge to get you the best deals.


Office jobs aren’t for us. We have restless legs. We’re constantly boarding planes, securing upgrades and sipping cocktails in private infinity pools the world over.

It’s all in the name of research, of course. We meet managers, concierges and local specialists and select the most exciting destinations. We’ll check out the facilities, the dining, the socialising, the spas and the wellness areas. We’ll make sure the area’s safe. Then we’ll find you the best possible way to get you there.

We’re looking for certainty for you, our clients. Certainty that you made the right choice. Because nobody wants to take a chance on holiday.


We also make sure we know you inside out, so we can further tailor your experience.

Your preferences, hobbies, travel experiences, culture and preferred method of communication.

We’re looking for a lifelong relationship, maybe a friendship, with you. Loyalty and trust are our watchwords. As well as large doses of creativity, joy and fun. So let’s allow the world to wow us, one beachfront villa at a time.

We Can't Wait to Design Your Adventure